Scalable Jackpot



Win a cheque by launching the TrapKado ball!

To play, simply click on one of the 13 traps located at the top of the screen and let gravity work! It's up to you to choose the right trap!

How to participate ?

Nothing could be simpler !

Each game requires 3 Credits and allows you one go on the Trapkado.

To get credits, click here

All of your credits are indicated at the top of the site, just below the menu.

The Prizes

Each go allows you to automatically win Points or the super Jackpor!

Find the various statuses of the developing Jackpot.

Jackpot (Scalable jackpot)

Each time you launch the Super Jackpot !

There is one Jackpot per session, as soon as a player wins the Jackpot, a new session is launched.

This is a scalable Jackpot which develops throughout the game.

The more games are played, the higher the jackpot...

You can follow the Jackpot by clicking here

Enjoy the game and do not forget the golden rule of TrapKado : 1 click = 1 Prize !