Win the Jackpot with only 2 Credits or 1,000 Points
Will you make the right choice to win the Jackpot ?

How the game works

The game Pluzoumoins is a quick and easy game enabling you to win Cash, Points and Credits ! Two numbers are drawn at random from 1 to 54.
The first is displayed in the game, the 2nd is hidden.

The principle of the game is toguess whether the second number is higher or lower than that displayed in the game. If you answer correctly, you win a prize (Points , Credits) or the Jackpot of the day.

Important : the 2nd figure can never be equal to the first.

How to win the Jackpot ?

The Jackpot increases as the games advance. It can be won at any time,
If during a game a player gives an incorrect response, it is immediately returned until it is won !

How to play ?

At the beginning of the game, choose between your Points or Credits to play. At any time you can alter this choice during the game. One game costs 1,000 Points or 2 Credits.
To start the game, click the button "Play". Two numbers are randomly selected from 1 to 54. The 1st one is displayed on the game, the 2nd one is hidden.

Click the button "+" if you think the 2nd number will be higher than the 1st one or the button "-" if you think it will be smaller. The result is immediately displayed as well as your winning (if your answer is correct).
To play again, you just need to click again the button "Play".

At any time you can change the type of bet by clicking the buttons "Points" or "Credits" at the bottom right of the avatar.

Have fun and good luck !


4 Credits 2 000 Points 400 Points 200 Points
3 Credits 1 500 Points 350 Points 150 Points
2 Credits 1 000 Points 300 Points 100 Points
1 Credits 500 Points 250 Points 50 Points